Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

As an instructor, you have a number of resources at your disposal. The resources available to you are of little use however if you do not know how to use them. Refer to the list below of resources that are available to you to find what they are good for and how you can avail yourself of them.

Resource Description Web Link for How-tos
Blackboard Blackboard is a web-based tool that gives instructors the ability to extend the boundaries of the classroom from four simple walls to the broader reaches of the Internet. Course content can be uploaded here. Class discussions can be held. Current grades can be posted and more. Blackboard How-to
MSU Online Library The MSU Online Library as it suggests is a library resource that is available over the Internet. This resource is available to both instructors and students alike, providing access to many academic resources not always readily available in print in China.
SafeAssign SafeAssign is a Blackboard component available to all LNU-MSU instructors that is capable of checking for plagiarism papers electronically submitted by students. SafeAssign
MLA Resources MLA Cheat Sheet Cheat Sheet
MLA Handout MLA Handout
LNU-MSU House Style Guidelines Style Guidelines

2021 Calendar

Event Date
December 13-23 COB classes meet via Zoom (MGT 487, ECO 565, MGT 345, FIN 384, MGT 340, TCM 359, MKT 351)
December 21 Add deadline for COB classes
December 24-Feb 27 Winter Break
March 1 Classes to resume; LAW 332 begins, add deadline for LAW 332
March 10 Drop deadline for LAW 332
March 22 LAW 332 final exam
March 24 LAW 335 begins; add deadline for LAW 335
April 5 Tomb Sweeping Holiday (no classes on Monday, April 5)
April 10 Drop deadline for COB classes (MGT 487, ECO 565, MGT 345, FIN 384, MGT 340, TCM 359, MKT 351)
April 22 Drop Deadline for LAW 335
May 1-9 Labor Day break (no classes Mon-Fri, May 3-7)
May 10-13 Final exam period
May 14 Spring Commencement in Springfield
May TBD Commencement in Dalian
May 17 FIN 380 begins (first SU class) Classes meet from 8-11am daily.
May TBD Last day to add FIN 380
June TBD Last day to drop FIN 380
June 4 Last day of FIN 380

Other Important Tools and Documents

In addition to the resources listed above, there are couple of other important tools that faculty members must know how to use in order to fulfill all of their duties as instructors include the following:

Tool/Document Uses / Description
Important Documents Faculty Handbook
Student Handbook
My Grizzly Den
(West Plains Courses)
Print class rosters
Email an entire class
Submit course grades
My Missouri State
(Springfield Courses)
Print class rosters
Email an entire class
Submit course grades
BearMail Configure a desktop client
Configure a mobile client
Academic Integrity Summary This document outlines the prescribed course of actions for handling violations of academic integrity policies and the implications.
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