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Students interested in applying for admission to LNU-MSU College of International Business may apply online or by downloading a paper application. The deadline for fall semester applications is April 15 of the same calendar year, and the deadline for spring semester applications is November 1 of the preceding calendar year.

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Download and complete the application form, then follow the instructions below to return the form to the LNU-MSU College of International Business.

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Once you have completed your application, please submit the application in one of the following ways:

  • Mail your application to: LNU-MSU College of International Business / Attn: Brandon Flint, 850 Huanghe Road P.O. 13001, Dalian 116029
  • Fax your application to: Attn: Brandon Flint / 86-0411-82158517
  • Scan and email your application: or

Please Note: Missouri State University - West Plains students may apply to spend a semester at LNU-MSU College of International Business. The experience includes a stipend for housing in China. Students or faculty, request more information at the Missouri State University - West Plains Office of Academic Affairs at or 1-417-255-7272.

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