LNU-MSU Admission Requirements

Chinese In-Plan vs Out-Plan Students

Here at LNU-MSU, we have two types of Chinese students, in-plan and out-plan students. The main difference between the two is whether or not the individual is a student of both Liaoning Normal University and Missouri State University (in-plan) or if the individual is a student of Missouri State University only (out-plan). Students who have dual enrollment in both schools have slightly different requirements for admission than those enrolled only with MSU. Most Chinese students enrolled at LNU-MSU are in-plan students.

Eligibility Requirements
  In-Plan Chinese Out-Plan Chinese International / Hong Kong / Taiwan / Macao
Secondary Education Requirements Required minimum on CNCE Exam(高考) High School Diploma High School Diploma
Proof of English Proficiency

Minimum 70% on English portion of CNCE Exam(高考)

TOEFL: 70 orIELTS: 6.0*

TOEFL: 70 orIELTS: 6.0*

* The TOEFL and IELTS English proficiency requirements are waived for students who attended and graduated from a high school in an English-speaking country or the Dalian Maple Leaf School.

LNU-MSU lobby

We appreciate your interest in our program. You can reach us directly in Dalian, China or at the Office of China Programs in Springfield, Missouri, U.S.A.