Chinese Student Leadership Program (CSLP)

What is Chinese Student Leadership Program?

Chinese student leadership program is designed and organized by the office of China Programs to help Chinese students develop their on-campus leadership through leadership workshops, volunteer services, on-campus office tour, welcome events for incoming Chinese students and other on-campus activities. Another purpose of this program is to help these Chinese student leaders to lead other Chinese students to get more involved on campus, and in the local community, and more importantly to be successful outside of classroom.

Theme: “The Servant as Leader”

How does CSLP work?

CSLP is designed as a certificate program with point-based calculation system. A certificate will be issued when the student meets the CSLP graduation requirements listed as following three parts. And the Dove Scholarship for Highly Involved Chinese Students will be granted to the student who earns the highest points.

  1. Earn your points:
    • In order to earn the leadership certificate, students need to earn the points by participating in the scheduled and required on-campus activities, volunteer activities, workshops, community activities, and finishing assigned project, task and so forth. When students' points reach the required number of points, then the certificate will be issued.
    • The point scales and requirement:
      • Each of the required on-campus, volunteer, off campus activities will be worth 1 point per hour. (For example, if a student participates in a volunteer work, and he/she finishes it by using 2hours, then this student would earn 2 points from this activity.)
      • Each workshop is worth 2 points.
      • Finishing the assignments will be worth 2 points
      • The required points are: 60 points as the minimum
  2. Transition Program:
    • Program Description:
      Transition Program is the program to help new Chinese students to overcome the culture shock, and successfully transition into a new culture by providing workshops by CSLP members
      • Facilitate new Chinese students to register classes.
      • Host workshops about living tips, study tips, American Culture and Academic culture…
  3. Be a mentor for at least two Chinese students and lead new Chinese students or mentees to participate at least two volunteer experiences on campus or in community during Fall semester
  • How to select students leaders:
    • Students who are interested will need to fill out an application and turn the application into the office of China programs before the deadline.
    • The office of China programs will interview all the candidates
    • 10 students will be selected.

What can you participate in CSLP?

  • Workshops: CSLP participants are expected to attend the leadership workshop in order to help them systematically prepare for their leadership knowledge and characteristics. All the workshop topics can be related to the on-campus involvement and the leadership development (such as time management, good leader habits, how to be a good planner, doer and an effective communication speaker).
  • On-Campus Office Tour: CSLP participants will join a tour to visit the on-campus functional offices and departments (Such as Office of Student Engagement, Office of Leadership and Volunteerism, PSU, Registration Office, Graduate College, Admission office, etc.), in order to help students get more familiar with the function in each office and department.
  • Co-Curricular Transcript Program: eligible experience for the Co-Curricular Transcript, which is a university official transcript.
  • Entrepreneurship development: Tour the local companies and host other series lectures.
  • Volunteer Engagement: Students participate in the community services and other volunteer opportunities.

  • Welcome Events for New Chinese Students: CSLP members will be expected to participate in the airport pick-ups, and other activities as the student leaders to help new students settle in at MSU.

  • International Friends: Provide assistance to the international friends orientation.

Previous Years' Events Review


Members of CSLP will have mandatory training/activity attendance commitment, paid responsibilities, and a variety of optional responsibilities

  • Mandatory training/activity attendance commitment:
    1. Attendance commitment to the workshops, training, office tour, welcome events for new Chinese students and other activities hosted by CSLP.
    2. Participation in the reflection after CSLP activities, and other activities assigned.
    3. Provide assistance to International Friends Orientation.
  • Paid responsibilities:
    1. Serve in the project of welcome events for new Chinese students as student leaders in summer.
    2. Walk new Chinese students through the necessary school process before school starts.
    3. Help students settle in at MSU, which includes the airport pickups, house searching, and other services students need.
  • Optional responsibilities:
    1. Assist the China Programs office staff members with projects as needed.
    2. Help other Chinese students get more involved.


  • Academic requirement:
    1. Must have a good academic record.
    2. At least one semester of study at MSU experience required.
    3. At least another one more semester to study at MSU required.
  • Other requirement:
    1. Summer availability at MSU is required.
    2. Willingness to be a student leader and to serve students.


  • Build up your resume:
    1. Will get a certificate once a participant earns enough points to meet the requirement.
    2. Eligible experience for co-curricular transcript (a university official document similar to your academic transcript).
  • Develop your leadership skills and experience.
  • Get hands-on experience of American college life and community service and get more connected.
  • Some services are paid.

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