China Agricultural University
Ningxia Forestry Institute, Co. Ltd.

Collaborative research programs

Missouri State University, China Agricultural University and Ningxia Forestry Institute, Co. Ltd. signed an agreement to promote collaboration in the development of joint research and training projects in viticulture, enology and food science. The Grapevine Biotechnology Project, located in Yinchuan, the capital city of the Ningxia Province, is the first research project established under the auspices of the agreement between Missouri State University and China Agricultural University and will include an additional partner, National Center of Economic Forest Seedling Speediness Propagation Engineering and Technology Research that is the same entity as the Ningxia Forestry Institute Co. Ltd.

Ningxia University

Program available

  • Dual Master’s Degree in Plant Science
    Missouri State University, Ningxia University and the Ningxia Forestry Institute, Co. Ltd., have collaborated on a Dual Master’s Degree in Plant Science.

Contact information

  • Ningxia University
    Yinchuan 750021
    P.R. of China

    Phone: 0086-951-2061588
    Fax: 0086-951-2061588
  • Missouri State University
    901 South National
    Springfield, Missouri 65897

    Phone: 01-417-836-8501
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