Expenses of Studying in China Programs

Fixed costs

Lodging and MealsFixed Costs
$200 per Month * 4 Months (lodging) $800

Average $7 per day *30days = $210 per month * 4 months (meals)

Notice: The average meal costs will be around $5 if the student has meals in campus dining hall;

Travel ExpensesFixed Costs

International air ticket with round trip (Quoted rate as of May 2010)


Domestic air ticket from Beijing to Qingdao, Zhengzhou, or to Dalian and back to Beijing (round trip)

Necessary DocumentsFixed Costs
Visa application fee = $140 + Courier fee of $25 $165
JW 202 Form Fee $30
Textbook Fee $30
Physical Examination Fee $57
Deposit Fee for Dorm $60
International Student Identification Card (which is charged by Student Away Office) $75

Total Fixed Costs: $3,657

Variable costs

Travel ExpensesVariable Costs
Bullet train from Qingdao to Beijing/Beijing to Qingdao one way $40
Bus Ticket/per time $0.20

Taxi expense: In Qingdao, within 4 km (around 2.48 miles)

Notice: From Qingdao University campus to Train Station the taxi price will be $3; To the airport, it would be $15;


More information, please feel free to contact us at (417)-836-8501 or stop by the Office of China Programs at Carrington Hall Room 210.